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Frequently Asked Questions ( Webmasters )

Q: Where did my votes go?
A: Our list resets every 7 days. This means that all votes will be zeroed every week. This is done to give all sites a fair chance to climb the ranks every week and will give our visitors a more accurate view of current rankings. Reset times are listed in the 'stats' box within our ranking pages.

Q: Is free to join?
A: Absolutely! Our services are made possible by sponsor support.

Q: My site is very small, will you accept me?
A: Yes we accept sites of all sizes. It is a great way for smaller sites to get the exposures they want.

Q: Why is my site not showing up on
A: Our list updates every 30 mins and will only list sites with at least 1 vote per week. If you have votes and you don't see your site, check back in 30 mins to see the next update. If it is still not showing up, you may have broken one of our rules and was suspended from our database.

Q: Why isn't my logo showing up on
A: Logos are only shown for the top 100 sites on our list. Anything below 100 will be listed as text only. This will help give others an incentive to be on top.

Q: I have more than one site. Will I be able to make multiple accounts?
A: Yes you are allowed 1 account per website.

Q: May I use your vote codes in my mailing list?
A: Yes. As long as it is not unsolicitated, you may do so. Just make sure you follow the guidelines in our rules section.

Q: How do I cancel my account?
A: Simply remove the vote links on your site and you will not show up on our list the following week.


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Please respect our rules. Do not post hentai sites on our list. Links to other topsites are also not welcomed. Your account will be deleted without notice.